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Be Endlessly Dazzled by the Myriad of Rainbow Colors

The flowers that grow from bulbs emerge into cherished garden treasures. They’re endless because their beauty literally spreads. They reproduce naturally and multiply to become greater in abundance. Year after year, they somewhat magically reappear in the spring or summer. They dazzle your outdoor space with variegated color and fragrant scents that take you away from the hustle and noise of the everyday world to the serenity and calm of your outdoor space.
Colorful tulips, hyacinths and daffodils in spring

The lifecycle of bulbs is a story that reflects the bounty of nature. Bulbs commonly refer to all plants with underground storage systems, including “true” bulbs, corms, tuberous roots rhizomes, and tubers. Tulips, daffodils, iris, dahlia, and gladiolas are among the bulb-type plants. The power of these plants is that they store energy for the plant to push out new growth and bloom.  

There’s no better time than during your outdoor space design and installation to plant naturalizing bulbs. While there are challenges to growing tulips and cold climate bulbs in California, there are a large number of bulbs that are well-kept secrets such as Ocean Blue Muscari, Daffodils in a wide array of colors, Alliums, Ornithagalums, Dutch Iris, and many more that thrive in the Bay Area

Even better, Steven van Dongen, Opulands founder and CEO, has specialized knowledge of flower bulb installation and is a lover and student of all things flowers. He brings this specialized touch to a design that will add the magnificence of a flower garden to the lush green of your lawn and the texture and stone complements of your hardscape

Makes Opulands your perfect partner in integrating a flower bulb garden with the overall design of your outdoor space.

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