Bay Area Landscape Installation

Opulands provides complete landscape design and/or installation services in most Bay Area cities including those in and around San Jose and Palo Alto.

Whether you come with your own landscape design, either from an online landscape design service like Yardzen or from a local Bay Area landscape designer, or you want us to design your landscape for you, these are the steps we take next to install the necessary elements that make up the whole of your beautiful new landscape.

Demolition and excavation

We start with the removal of your old landscape and pay close attention to the areas of your old garden that you would like to keep for sentimental or other reasons.

front yard renovation showing dump truck

Soil preparation

To enhance the structure of the soil and to create an optimal habitat for your plants, enhancements are added such as compost and then carefully raked into the soil.

Irrigation zone installation

In order to create the most efficient way of watering the new garden, the planted areas are separated into irrigation zones. Ideally, we separate the zones out by the type of plant or tree in question so that groups of plants and trees with similar water needs will receive the same amount of water, nothing more and nothing less. 

For the control of the irrigation system, we recommend weather-based systems that we can program to take weather patterns and time of year into consideration to determine when and how much plants need watering.

Opulands landscaper working

Lawn installation

Prior to installation and after we have removed the current lawn and groundcover, we add a carefully measured layer of soil to our new lawn areas. This is to make sure the optimal firmness is achieved for the desired use of the lawn areas.

As members of the California Landscape Contractors Association and certified Rescape technicians, we advocate often for low water using lawn alternatives such as ‘no mow lawns’, ‘California native grass lawns’, or the popular kurapia lawn. 

We have found that it takes initially a bit more involvement from the clients to familiarize themselves with the watering needs of such alternative lawns, but it saves the clients significantly while sparing the California water system. 

Esthetically, alternative lawn products such as kurapia and California native grasses can add beautiful features to a garden in terms of unique colors and authenticity.

backyard lawn contractor

Plant, shrub and tree planting

We install our plants and trees with the right amount of potting soil to give them a healthy start taking into account the desired planting depth.  This will make sure plants are best positioned to thrive in summer and winter conditions.

Mulch installation

Finally, after lawn and plant installation we cover the newly landscaped soils with a mulch of the customers choosing. This to ensure plants stay moist through the summer and soils are best positioned to retain the winter rains and summer irrigation for as long as possible.

Opulands is your trusted partner for design and installation of all these beautiful options…

paver driveways

Paver Driveways

Step up to paver driveways. They're durable, low maintenance and stunning.

Paver Walkways

Walk away from cracks. Concrete walkways can't hold a candle to interlocking pavers,

front lawns and front yard remodel

Front Lawns

Synthetic or natural sod, whatever you want in a lawn, we can install it for you along with the perimeter hardscaping.

Outdoor seating walls

Seating Walls

For those backyard parties, add a paver seating wall.

backyard paver patio

Paver Patios

Concrete's too plain. Get a decorative paver patio.

backyard outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

Take the kitchen with you to your backyard.

backyard artificial lawn


Synthetic or natural sod, you can have both.

backyard pergola

Backyard Pergolas

Step into the shade of a pergola or patio cover.

backyard firepit

Fire Pits

Outdoor fireplaces too! Great place to mingle.

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