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Our Process

What follows are the steps we take with each landscaping project we take on with a goal that in the end you get a front or backyard renovation that is everything you had hoped and dreamed for. 


We walk your property to assess its topography, the quality of its soil, and other features so we can make recommendations that will align with your vision.

"I loved how they listened carefully, made helpful suggestions, but didn't push anything onto us. I knew I wanted a sitting wall to line the patio and what that would look like, but they suggested the shape and distance from the house that was different than what I thought, but made perfect sense and now I love the look and feel of the space."

backyard renovation before


Opulands Team with Steven


You share your ideas and your outdoor wish list. We attentively listen and highlight the specific requirements of your climate, soil, and sunlight.

"What we particularly liked was that they listened carefully and every conversation was two-way. Their ideas were very creative and original and the design represented exactly what we discussed."


We create a landscape design reflective of your wishes. All of our design work is carried out by expert designers who consider all you want for the look and feel of your property.

"They worked with us to prepare a design that really worked for our front yard & our budget. They iterated on designs with input from us, and showed us a rendering so that we could understand the final project better. Of all the quotes that we got, the quote from Opulands was by far the most complete & best value for money."

landscaping plan drawing
Backyard renovation after

"I am a landscape designer who works with Opulands on some of their projects, and I can attest to the fact that Opulands is a fantastic landscape contractor. Everything turns out even more beautiful than I imagined!"


We execute, building out your design. Our conscientious project management ensures that the work is delivered on time and on budget and with attention to every detail necessary to transform your concept into reality.

front yard renovation showing dump truck

On time. On budget.

When you work with a partner who understands the project requirements in their entirety and the costs associated with those requirements, you can count on your project staying on time and on budget. 

In addition, to ensure you know upfront the cost of your entire landscape design project, we are transparent and provide you with an estimate of the ancillary expenses that you may incur. We pay attention to the smallest detail and cover those details in our estimates.  

Opulands is here to be your trusted partner

If you’re ready to be part of our process, or even if you’re still researching options, get started with a complimentary consultation. You’ll learn what’s possible in your outdoor space, get ideas from us on how to improve it, and get a quote. 

Natural lawn and artifical sod
Get Started
Schedule your project and design consultation and get an estimate today.

If you’re looking for modern, sensibly designed, and enviable front or backyard outdoor landscaping but are overwhelmed with what you need, what’s available, and what will work in your yard, then an Opulands discovery consultation is perfect for you. 

Get your nagging questions answered and a plan forward by requesting a consultation today!  This is how all beautiful yards begin. 

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