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The moment you drive up to your home, there is a feeling of elegance.

That's the effect of driveway pavers.
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We're the Silicon Valley's paver and landscape contractor with a passion for amazingly designed and incredibly well-built driveways

With a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures to choose from, the customization options for your paver driveway are virtually limitless. Add to that the decisions that need to be made for your landscaping, it becomes obvious that the overall outcome of your project will to a large degree depend on the expertise that your designer or your contractor brings to the table.

At Opulands we believe that decisions involving the color of your pavers along with the color of your border and accents in your driveway should be driven by the color you choose for your home, its architecture and landscape. 

We are not simply installers. We are a design build firm focusing on landscape and hardscape with a passion for fantastic design.

Driveway Pavers Boost Your Curb Appeal!

And there are many different types of pavers and colors to choose from!

It's easy to match and enhance your home's architecture and color.

Why Choose Pavers Over Asphalt or Concrete for Your Driveway?

(besides adding the obvious beauty & value to your home)

lavers in a paver driveway

Pavers Are More Durable than Concrete

Never replace ugly, cracked concrete again!

Paver stones can withstand 8,000 PSI, compared to concrete at around 4,000 PSI. This means your investment is protected from cracking or breaking,  making pavers an ideal solution for both patios and driveways.

As members of the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI), we either meet or exceed ICPI’s recommendations.

Pavers Are Low Maintenance

Instead of pouring a single surface of concrete, each paver is placed individually. Need access to a utility line, or cut a tree root that’s grown underneath your pavers? Simply remove the paving stones and replace once complete – no unsightly patches or expensive repairs needed!

Especially in California, paver stones are an “earthquake proof” solution for your home. Unlike concrete or asphalt, pavers are designed to last a lifetime.

Pavers Withstand Buckling & Shifting

What makes pavers so strong and durable? Below the surface, a geotextile fabric is placed to assist with soil stability and drainage. Next, a layer of baserock is installed & compacted to ICPI’s recommended specifications. Above that, a layer of bedding sand is placed to help avoid buckling & shifting. Once the pavers are individually laid, a joint sand is swept into the gaps to help them “interlock” into their final resting place.

Pavers Are Better for Drainage

One of the most critical aspects of installing a new hardscape is proper grading and installation of drainage. The installation of paver stones allows for more differentiation in grading then does the construction of concrete. Planning proper drainage is our expertise and choosing a contractor well versed in surface drainage is a crucial component to ensuring your new pavement and drainage systems will remedy previous and prevent future drainage issues.

Planning proper drainage is our expertise!

The Importance of Drainage - One of the most critical aspects of installing a new hardscape is proper grading and drainage. Without a professional approach to either, the rainy season can soon become a nightmare of puddles  (or worse, water sloping towards your home and causing long term inevitable damage to your property).Choosing a contractor well versed in surface drainage is a crucial component to ensure you don’t face these problems. Planning proper drainage is our expertise!

Image above: Installation of a French Drain

Opulands Is Your Trusted Partner in Driveway Pavers Installation & Design

Choosing an expert contractor for your paver driveway installation is critical to ensuring the project stays on-track and on-budget. You can trust us to be that trusted partner for you.

New Paver Driveway by Opulands

A recent paver driveway and walkway, and front yard renovation by Opulands.

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