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Opulands is a 5-star landscape design and construction contractor serving San Jose and other areas in the Silicon Valley. We do it all, from concept to completion.

Imagine an outdoor space in San Jose, California…

Close your eyes and picture a place where you can escape the stresses of daily city life in San Jose and reconnect with yourself and the world around you. A place where the warmth of the sun, the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, and the scent of blooming flowers fill your senses. Or picture a gathering with friends and loved ones preparing a meal in your outdoor kitchen, or sharing stories and laughter around a cozy fire pit under the stars.

Now imagine that in your own San Jose outdoor space

At Opulands, we are dedicated to having you experience all that – the bounty of nature, the joy of family and friends, and a beautiful outdoor landscape right outside the front and back doors of your San Jose home. If you’re looking for the best company for landscaping design in San Jose, reach out to us. We ensure that your vision will become a reality with our qualified professionals.

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I literally would give Opulands TEN STARS if I could!

Landscape Design San Jose

It’s time for you to experience opulence in your outdoor living space. Or skip to the chase and schedule a design consultation at your home in San Jose and let’s get started! We provide a comprehensive selection of landscaping services, from design to softscaping and hardscaping. Our crew of Bay Area landscape contractors strive for excellent customer service and will go above and beyond to deliver on your outdoor space.

We also service homeowners and businesses in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and other cities around the Bay Area.


When it comes to landscaping in San Jose, having a vision is key. A vision helps guide the design process and ensures that the final result is something that everyone can be proud of. It’s important to consider all aspects of the project when creating a vision for landscaping in San Jose. This includes considering how the landscaping project will fit into the surrounding environment, how it will impact wildlife, and how it will add value to the homeowner.


At Opulands, our landscapers are committed to providing the highest quality landscaping in San Jose. This means using only the best materials and working with experienced professionals to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. We guarantee that your landscape will look amazing, last for years, and be an asset to your home.


We use eco-friendly methods and materials to ensure that your landscaping project is good for the environment. From using native plants to reduce water consumption to choosing sustainable building materials, we make sure your project is both beautiful and responsible.

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It's time for you to experience opulence in your front and backyard landscaping

Where shall we start?

Explore your landscaping and hardscaping options below.

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Or skip to the chase and schedule a design consultation at your home in San Jose and let’s get started!

Front yard landscaping options…

paver driveways

Paver Driveways

Step up to paver driveways. They're durable, low maintenance, stunning, and very popular in San Jose.

Paver Walkways

Walk away from cracks. Concrete walkways can't hold a candle to interlocking pavers for durability and design options.

front lawns and front yard remodel

Front Lawns

Synthetic or sod, we do both along with the perimeter hardscaping and landscaping. Synthetic is a popular water-saving option in San Jose.

And for the backyard…

Outdoor seating walls

Paver Seating Walls

For those backyard parties that weather here in San Jose affords us, add a paver seating wall.

backyard paver patio

Paver Patios

If poured concrete is too plain, get a paver patio. Both are popular in San Jose now.

backyard outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ Islands

BBQ islands too. Take the kitchen with you to your backyard. So many options to choose from.

backyard artificial lawn

Lawns (Natural & Synthetic)

Synthetic or natural sod, we install both. With the water shortage here in San Jose, the latter is in demand.

backyard pergola

Backyard Pergolas

It gets hot in San Jose, but you don't need to stay inside. Step into the shade of a pergola or patio covers right out your back door.

backyard firepit

Custom-Built Fire Pits

One of our more popular hardscaping options. We build outdoor fireplaces too! Great place to mingle and entertain or just relax.

Please note: Our San Jose landscape and hardscape services do not include poured concrete or asphalt paving, asphalt or concrete repair, or large retaining walls.

Frequently asked questions about landscaping in San Jose

Yes, of course. We have a horticulturist and landscape designer on staff right here in San Jose. But we also work with other landscape designers in the Bay Area.

Some of our clients even come with designs they purchased online. That’s fine too. In those cases, we add the benefit of actually having walked your property, as well as familiarity with local laws, soil, and weather. We can make informed recommendations a distant online designer cannot to ensure a flawless installation.

Learn more about our landscape design services.

Landscape project costs vary widely depending on what you want and/or need to be done, the design you settle on, the condition of your property, the features you add, and the quality, attention to detail, and care your landscape contractor brings to the table.

If you want a complete backyard remodel that includes demolition and regrading the area, costs may approach $40/sq ft, again depending on the work involved.

If you add a pergola, patio, walkway, custom firepit, outdoor kitchen, driveway, outdoor lighting, and more, those too add to your cost.

It’s impossible to give an accurate estimate without more information. This is why we offer complimentary design consultations. We’ll go over your needs and desires, come up with a plan, a list of options, and a quote for a beautiful outdoor remodel that elevates your lifestyle and meets your budget. Submit the form below to request your own consultation.Many in the Bay Area are transitioning from lawns to more drought-tolerant landscape designs for their front yards. These usually include a driveway paver with a perimeter of hard and softscaping. The latter might include either artificial grass or a scattering of drought-tolerant plants and ground covers of varying sizes and shapes. Bee-friendly plants are also popular.

Many in the Bay Area are transitioning from lawns to more drought-tolerant landscape designs for their front yards. These usually include a driveway paver with a perimeter of hard and softscaping. The latter might include either artificial grass or a scattering of drought-tolerant plants and ground covers of varying sizes and shapes. Bee-friendly plants are also popular.

Studies have shown that you can enjoy between 20 to 80 percent in returns when you sell your home in San Jose.

But that doesn’t take into consideration how new landscaping can positively transform your lifestyle for as long as you own your home.

How much is having a beautiful, serene place to retreat to worth to you?

How about a backyard you are proud of and that opens doors to entertaining friends and families because you’re no longer embarrassed to do so?

Opulands will make sure that renovating your backyard is worth it, not only because it will increase the value of your home, but it will also be a beautiful landscape that meets the needs of you and your family and improve your quality of life.

Our Bay Area landscape contractors have a wide scope of abilities beyond basic. They can help plan outdoor structures and irrigation systems, as well as large-scale commercial spaces. They have completed a degree in landscape architecture and passed a rigorous exam. landscape design

Landscape designers, on the other hand, often focus on the aesthetics of a space and may be responsible for selecting trees, plants, furniture, and other decorative elements. They may also be involved in planning and layout, but typically on a smaller scale than landscape architects.

For residential landscaping in San Jose, a landscape designer is all you’ll likely need to make your vision come true. 

Check out all our hardscaping options above. We design and build paver driveways, patios, walkways, seating walls, pergolas and patio covers, custom fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces. Hardscaping is only one of our specialties though. We provide complete landscape design and remodel services that also includes the softscaping you need to add to the overall aesthetic.

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