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Opulands provides complete landscaping design & build services for most Bay Area cities including those in and around Sunnyvale.

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Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits add a warm, cozy, ambiance and visual appeal

But even better, they pull your guests together in rings of engaging conversations where relationships are built.

There are no two ways about it. Fireplaces and fire pits create warmth and coziness in your backyard and make your stone patio multi-seasonal. Plus, the stonework and hardscaping stand in beautiful contrast to the softscape elements that comprise your landscape

When it comes to entertaining, both fireplaces and fire pits have a magnetic draw. In fact, there’s an almost hypnotic quality that makes family, friends, and guests feel instantly at home. Whether it’s dinner or roasting marshmallows, the outdoor flavors are fabulous. 

And, as much as a fireplaces and fire pits create the ambiance that brings a crowd together, they’re also delightfully suited for two. The warmth and light can turn your outdoor space into a romantic getaway where you can catch up following a busy workday, sit quietly, or cuddle under the nighttime sky. 

Opulands can create a custom fire pit or fireplace for you that will suit your home’s outdoor aesthetic and add value to your home. We serve most cities around the Bay Area, specifically those in and around the San Jose and Palo Alto areas and as far north as Belmont.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell and install fire pits and fireplaces as a standalone service. We offer them as an add-on to our Bay Area backyard remodeling service. 

Fire Pits vs Outdoor Fireplaces

Wondering whether a custom fire pit or fireplace is best for your new backyard design? While both are a great option, here are a few key differences to keep in mind.

paver fire pit

Let’s hear it for fire pits

Let’s hear it for fireplaces

outdoor fireplace

Custom outdoor fire pits like these are often favorite additions to our backyard remodels

We'd love to help you add the homey feel of a blazing fire to your own backyard!

Whether you choose to include a custom fire pit or fireplace or not, Opulands is here to work with you and guide you on the landscaping and hardscaping treatments that will work best for your style and the size, shape, and level or slope of your property. 

You can benefit from our expertise in landscape design, construction and installation as well as in project management. 

When you work with us on your front or backyard reconstruction, you can expect:

Spend time on planning and design in order to execute efficiently and tweak where necessary to deliver a product that fulfills and exceeds your wants and needs

Render expert advice on material selection and craftsmanship options as well as architectural formats and designs that are aligned with your family’s needs and the style of your home

Expert advice on material selection, craftsmanship options, and architectural designs that align with your needs and the style of your home

Guide you through the entire process of design, material selection, demolition, and installation

Regular communication and collaboration with our team to ensure the needs and wants are met

We will provide you the outcome you expect, at the best value in the marketplace.

A final product that aligns with your vision at the best value in the market

Be with you every step of the way to listen and guide you so that the result is just what you want, envision, and need

On-time and on-budget delivery

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